Research Supervision

Megan Cuevas TTU Graduate Student (co-adv. Kupfer) 2023-present
Rahul Jayaraman MIT Graduate Student (co-adv. Ricker) 2019-present
Blind Search for Short-Timescale Transients in TESS FFIs
Akshata KrishnamurthyMIT Graduate Student (co-adv. Vanderspek)2019
Characterization of the Systematic Error Floor in TESS Photometry
Manan Agarwal Birla Inst. of Tech./MIT (Post-Bac) 2020-present
Calibrating Multisector TESS Light Curves
Classification of Gaia Variable Stars Using TESS Photometry
Jason Yang MIT Undergraduate2019-2022
Search for Tidal Disruption Events in TESS Light Curves of Passive Galaxies
Muhammad Abdullah MIT Undergraduate2021
Unsupervised Clustering of Candidate TESS Transient Light Curves
Vicky Li MIT Undergraduate2021
TESS Light Curves of Gamma-ray Sources
Ally Hong MIT Undergraduate2019 - 2021
Machine Learning Methods Applied to TESS Light Curves
Nadia Dimitrova MIT Undergraduate 2017
A Python Module for the TESS Exposure Time Calculator

Research Contributions

Provided data, analysis, and advice to students.

Anna Payne University of Hawai'i Graduate Student 2019-present
Jason Hinkle University of Hawai'i Graduate Student 2019-present
Lena Treiber Amherst College Undergraduate 2021-2022
Tyler Barna Rutgers University Undergraduate 2020-2021

Selected Outreach